20 Tips For Your First Season in Yachting

Monday, August 14, 2017
20 Tips For Your First Season in Yachting - Article Image

Is your first season coming up soon? Here are 20 helpful tips for yachties new to the superyacht industry.

1. Manage your banking and financials before you land a job on a superyacht.

2. Do your homework on the seasons, revamp your CV, prepare your references and any visas if needed, register online with yacht crew recruitment agencies and start the search for your first yacht job.

3. Always have an updated CV with you.

4. Learn the superyacht lingo.

5. Observe, work hard and learn fast.

6. Never turn down an opportunity to do daywork, it could open up future employment on yachts.

7. Don’t complain. Stay honest and proactive.

8. Make sure you have a decent laptop or phone to stay in contact with family and friends back home.

9. Never gossip about yacht crew, guests, owners and captains.

10. If you open it, close it, if you use it, put it back, if you finish it, replace it.

11. When living and working on a superyacht, all the littles things are the big things.

12. Stay clean, drug free and always presentable.

13. Keep your language and the soles of your feet clean.

14. Be aware and alert of your surroundings, whether on the yacht or the neighboring yachts. Anticipate weather, guests’ needs, potential hazards, etc. It is always best to be prepared.

15. Network; introduce yourself and meet fellow yachties, socialise and grow your network in the yachting industry.

16. Be positive, punctual and always professional.

17. Look after your health and weight as you can easily get carried away with all the food and drinks!

18. Personal hygiene and cooking hygiene.

19. Superyachts allow you to live and work with virtually zero living costs. Take this opportunity to save or pay debt, if any.

20. Appreciate the great moments (sunsets at anchor, the food, watching the Grand Prix, traveling) because life is short.

If you have any questions, looking to apply for a job or needing advice from the team at SuperYacht Crew Agency, please free feel to contact us at info@syca.co.uk