How Yacht Crew Can Help Hurricane Victims

Thursday, November 2, 2017
How Yacht Crew Can Help Hurricane Victims - Article Image

Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane at its peak, causing catastrophic destruction throughout the Caribbean, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Florida – damaging homes, buildings and multiple fatalities with flooding and wind gusts over 215 mph. It is considered the strongest hurricane in Atlantic ever reordered, then followed by Hurricane Maria two weeks later. The devastation to roads, harbours and airports significantly hindered the transportation and distribution of relief supplies. Millions left without power, homes and possessions lost and face severe food and water shortages. Local and foreign/international charities have set up relief funds to help those that have been affected by the hurricane. Here’s a list of how you can donate and help the hurricane victims.


American Red Cross

If you’re close to the affected areas and are willing to lend a helping hand, the American Red Cross are looking for volunteers to assists in coordinating relief effort. You will be assisting with the shelters serve the community, unloading supplies, setting up emergency stations and comforting those in need. Areas that are looking for volunteers are Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia.

YachtAid Global

YachtAid Global is an American based charity specific for the yachting community and is looking for help. The three main ways you can help are donating, transporting aid and sponsorship. You can transport goods and supplies if yacht owners have volunteered their vessel and services to shift goods to the affected areas or close by. YAG also customizes sponsorship packages for specific locations - the sponsorship packages can include a donation, provision of supplies and goods, and on site volunteering.

‘Dedicated to providing unified disaster relief and humanitarian aid to coastal communities.’



US Virgin Island Relief Fund

Virgin Unite BVI Community Support Appeal

Waitt Institute


Britiѕh Red Cross




Save The Kids

CARE International