Is Dockwalking Dead?

Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Dockwalking is essentially walking along the dock where all superyachts are tied alongside, approaching each yacht and speaking to yacht crew. The overall aim is to be able to secure day work, permanent work, or simply to leave your CV and hope to eventually acquire a permanent yacht job.

superyacht dockwalking

Is Superyacht Dockwalking dead?

It used to be a simple as walking down the quay in Antibes and through the gates at the IYCA until you are faced with plenty of Superyachts to approach. However, as security is tightened and access to the public is no longer a simple process, we are finding more and more green crew or crew members in general are struggling to find jobs through dockwalking.

At SuperYacht Crew Agency we used to find that about 50% of first time jobs were found through either dockwalking or through a superyacht crew agent.

Dockwalking has been illegal in some areas for some times now, for example in the USA unless you are a US citizen or are a green card holder.

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But don’t get discouraged and don’t limit yourself, there are plenty of other spots you can still dockwalk. The Mediterranean has many ports along the coast and most only a short journey away. So familiarize yourself with all the superyacht hubs of the world and dockwalking spots you are still allowed to look for your next yacht job.

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