Is SuperYacht Crew Rotation The Answer?

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
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Superyacht crew rotation has been asked for more than ever before in the yachting industry. As the yachting sector grows and are more accepting towards rotational roles, yacht crew often wonder if they will ever land a supreyacht rotation role. The million dollar question is..

Is Superyacht Crew Rotation The Answer?

While rotational yacht crew schedules have been the norm in the commercial shipping industry for years, it is only just recently being accepted as a standard in the private sector of superyachts. One may wonder why a rotational schedule would be the best choice for both an income generating commercial vessel as well as a recreational private vessel. The benefits of running a ship under a rotational crew schedule go beyond affecting just the functions of a commercial ship and are truly the best practices for any ship on the water.

There are cost increases incurred with hiring two people to cover a single position. This is to be expected, the costs of replacing crew members due to burn out and the costs of training their replacements to approach the proficiency and skill level of the departed crew member go far beyond the costs of implementing a rotational schedule.

Superyacht Crew Rotation

Not only could it be an issue that costs tens to hundreds of thousands in repairs to your yacht, but a serious issue could put the very sea-worthiness of your ship at risk, or even put your life or the lives of your crew members in danger. Even the less serious of issues can be extremely expensive and how much cheaper the cost of prevention is when compared to the cost of repair or replacement of a crew or vessel.

By implementing a rotating schedule for your crew members, you are maximizing your chances of retaining those crew members. The longer you are able to retain the same crew members, the more knowledge and experience they gain on your particular vessel, the more value they have on the ship itself. It is that knowledge and experience that will bring you a return on the investment that you’d made in the form of the added cost of a rotational schedule.

The situation for private superyacht crews are improving due to this change towards accepting rotational crew schedules. In addition to that, situations for superyacht owners are improving as well due to the minimization of risk and the reaping of the benefits brought about by implementing crew rotations.

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