Land Based Jobs For Superyacht Crew

Monday, January 1, 2018
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The superyacht industry is very unique; it’s a fun and exciting career however after many years at sea and climbing the ranks as yacht crew you may wonder what is next for me? What if I want to settle down? What are my options for a life after yachting?

If you are looking for a change from ship to shore but are unsure of what the options are or if your skills acquired over the years you have spent on superyachts even transfer across to land based positions - Never fear, there are endless lists of opportunities for ex yacht crew to pursue after a life at sea on a yacht.

Life after yachting - Shore based career options for yacht crew:

1. Yacht Management

Running a superyacht is a business that often requires a management company to provide the legal, financial and administrative support required to oversee the operational aspects of the vessel. Services include HR and payroll, technical and operational support and assistance with yacht refit and maintenance plans, etc.

Yacht Management

2. Purser

You may be thinking a superyacht Pursers role is part of yacht crew onboard. However, with technology moving along and the more reliable internet and communications we now have on superyachts, its becoming more and more common for this position to turn in to a remote working role.

3. Superyacht Build Yacht Crew

Often superyacht crew can have some land based work during the build of a yacht, living out of apartments and commuting to work Monday to Friday 8-5 just like you dreamed. This is about as close to the norm as it gets for many long-term crewmembers.

Superyacht Build Yacht Crew

4. Yacht Surveying

This could be a great one for Engineers looking to transition ashore as work in the yacht surveying sector requires an excellent understanding of yacht materials and manufacturers, yacht engineering systems, yacht design and production technology and more. There are a number of distance learning Marine Surveying courses you can start while still working your yacht job. Lloyds Maritime Academy has a list of courses you can take.

5. Superyacht Broker

Brokers specialise in the sale, charter, technical service, marketing and management of superyachts.

Superyacht Broker

6. Private Villa/Estate

The UHNW individuals that own superyachts also have large teams at home, as do the very wealthy land based clients you may find yourself working for in the future. Some positions we have seen are for chefs, estate managers, nannies, stewardesses, butlers and housekeepers.

7. Superyacht Courses Instructor

As the superyacht industry continues to grow so does the demand for experienced yacht courses instructors and lecturers to teach the next generation of yacht crew coming through the ranks.

Superyacht Courses

8. Yacht Service

Agents, chandlers, and yacht provisioning.

9. Superintendent

This is a well-known commercial role and it’s only a matter of time before more and more superintendents are required for larger superyachts. A shore side technical manager who can help the Captain and Chief Engineer to organise refits and yard periods is becoming a much required role with the always increasing paperwork load needed for the running of the vessel. Monitor class survey schedules and requirements, liaising with attending class and flag surveyors.

10. Yacht Crew Consultant

Or you could always try what we at SuperYacht Crew Agency love to do, help yacht crew find a job in one of the most exciting industries out there. We are always on the lookout for experienced yacht crew recruitment consultants, social media experts and more to join our team. You can get a better idea of the positions we are always looking to fill here

Superyacht Crew Consultant

What other career options are there after yachting?

1. Personal Trainer

2. Masseuse

3. Hair Stylist

4. Beauty Therapist

5. Personal Shopper/Personal Assistant

6. Event Planner

7. Bar or Restaurant Manager

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