Largest Yacht in the World

Friday, August 9, 2019
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A superyacht, also known as a megayacht, is a massive and luxurious motor or sailing yacht that is manned by a professional crew. If you’re a proud owner of a superyacht or dream of having one of your own sometime in the future then maybe take some inspiration from the best of the best yachts in the world. The following list of the largest superyachts are enough to make you a yacht enthusiast and for you to collect ideas for what you may want in the future.
However, measuring superyachts or megayachts is no piece of cake. Measuring the largest superyacht cannot solely be based on the measurement of the lengths and heights of each yacht. There are many other things on the basis of which the largest yacht can be measured like gross tonnage or even maximum capacity.
Hence, the details for each of the top 10 largest superyachts described below primarily includes factoring in of the length and mentions other noticeable features like most gross tonnage or weight and other features that the superyacht may include like longest swimming pools and number of helipads. Another important aspect discovered for each yacht is the aesthetic appeal of both the interior and exterior design.

 Top 10 Worlds Largest Superyachts 2019


largest superyacht in the world Azzam

Azzam, created by Lurssen Yachts, is the largest yacht in the world in 2019. However, they couldn’t show off Azzam when it was built in 2013, as the owner asked for privacy regarding the yacht. The length of the yacht is 592 feet and 8 inches. Starting from scratch, Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi, the owner, helped in the design of this incredible yacht that can speed up to about 31 knots. The credit for Azzam’s sleek finish and the exterior design of the yacht goes to Nauta Yacht Design. The 19th century inspired interiors with french finishings is the work of Christophe Leoni.


superyacht Eclipse

Once the grandest private superyacht of all, Eclipse was defeated and ranked the second largest yacht when Lurssen Yacht revealed the existence of Azzam. Shy of only approximately 60 feet, Eclipse measures 533 feet and 2 inches lengthwise. The Eclipse may not be the longest yacht but it most certainly tops Azzam in many other aspects. It includes a 52 feet swimming pool which is among one of the longest on a yacht and also converts into a dance floor!
The yacht has a 185-foot-long owner’s deck, 17 staterooms and a magnificent master suite. The Eclipse can even accommodate as many as three helicopters with two helipads on top and one below the deck. This exquisite beauty’s exterior, designed by the experienced Terence Disdale Design based in London, slopes upwards with sophistication which shows the efforts of those who worked on building it for 5 years for the owner, Roman Abramovich. The Eclipse’s hybrid diesel-electric engine that is connected to Azipod drives is what it gives it a high speed of 21 knots.


Yacht Dubai Largest

A joint venture that Blohm + Voss and Lurssen began and Platinum Yachts took over, the Dubai is a very close second to Eclipse and is short by only approximately 1 foot and 5 inches. It is 531 feet and 6 inches long. The yacht was bought by the government of Dubai in 1998, when just the hull and the structure of the yacht was complete. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, continued to build it with Platinum Yachts and the hull they bought.
The yacht accommodates 24 people with the owner’s suite, and includes 5 V.I.P. suites and 6 guest suites with a balcony for each room’s personal view. It can further accommodate a crew of 88. The Dubai’s most eye-catching feature is not it’s luxurious accommodation but rather the 75 foot wide atrium. The guests have other horizons to explore like the swimming pool, the movie hall, the barbecue and even the discotheque!


M/Y Dilbar Antibes

Perhaps the Dilbar by Lurssen isn’t the longest superyacht like the Azzam, but it has its own category to conquer. The gross tonnage or total weight of the superyacht amounts to a whopping 15,917Gt and this includes the volume of all the interiors affixed. Espen Øino’s exterior design has flowing decks and a solid superstructure with the longest swimming pool in a yacht of 82 feet. The heavy weight doesn’t weigh down the exterior or interior aestheticity of the yacht. This 511 feet and 8 inch long yacht has a helipad as well and the exquisite interior is designed by Winch Design.


Superyacht Luisen Al Said

When this yacht was launched by Lurssen in 2007, it was the second largest yacht in the world, measuring 508 feet and 6 inches. The size of the yacht, however, doesn’t affect her speed as the Al Said can travel at a high speed of 20 knots. This beauty may now be in the 5th position but it’s features are still a winner. With an accommodation capacity of 65 guests and 150 crew members, Al Said has quite the capacity that even the Dubai by Platinum Yachts couldn’t overtake.
Owned by the Sultan Qaboos of Oman, this superyacht has a picturesque exterior designed by Espen Øino with the interior created by Jonathan Quinn Barnett, an award winning superyacht designer. Amongst the helipad, the cinema and the 6 open decks aboard, the concert hall is what Al Said is most famous for as it can fit in an orchestra of 50.


Yacht Topaz

The Topaz is a little bit of a mystery and not much is known about it. However, the third largest superyacht by Lurssen, this yacht is known to have about two helipads and a swimming pool. The Topaz’s exterior is designed by Tim Heywood Designs and the interior is put together by Terence Disdale. The Topaz isn’t a slow yacht and sails at a speed of 19.5 knots which is very close to the speed of the Al Said.


Prince Abdulaziz Yacht

The Prince Abdulaziz launched in 1984 by Helsingør Værft in Denmark belongs to the list of “once-largest superyachts”measuring 482 feet and 4 inches. In 1984, when it was launched for King Fahd of the Saud Arabian royal family, it was the longest and tallest superyacht of the time. It held this position for the next 22 years that followed until the Dubai took over. The influences of both modern and ancient furnishing on the interior is how David Hick designed it. The Titanic inspired main deck is the most serene of all. The exterior was designed by Maierform and the overall refitting of the yacht was not too long ago in 2005.


Superyacht El Mahrousa Top 10

The presidential yacht of Egypt places itself at the 8th rank on this list of superyachts. The El Mahrousa, which means "the protected" in Arabic, took 2 years to build from 1863 to 1865 by the Samuda Brothers from London. This makes the El Mahrousa the oldest superyachts in existence today. Of course, this title came with a lot of maintenance and refitting over the years.
The first modification was an addition to the length of the yacht by 40 feet in 1872 and the second was an additional 17 feet in 1905. During the second refitting, turbine-driven propellers were installed instead of the paddle wheel engines. The length of this old superyacht is now settled at 478 feet. Initially created for the Khedive Ismail who was the Ottoman Governor of Egypt, the El Mahrousa carried three prominent kings of Egypt into exile. The royal history of the country makes this yacht grander.
The El Mahrousa goes out into the sea occasionally for a day or two and was present to inaugurate the new Suez Canal in 2015. This was especially significant as the yacht was also present for the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869.


largest sail yacht A

The superyacht from the future, the Sailing Yacht A uses metallic surfaces that distinguish it from all the other yachts on this list. From the outside, this smooth silver superyacht hides away every hint of the interior and thus, the design of the interior is a mystery to most. However, it is rumoured to have an underwater viewing area in the keel that must be a crowd pleaser. You cannot miss this beauty with its three tall carbon masts that run parallel to each other, complementing the overall metallic tint of the yacht. The masts are the tallest masts on any water vessel.
Designed by Phillippe Starck, the Sailing Yacht A does not compromise on strength and is one of Nobiskrug’s best yachts. The metallic aesthetic doesn’t effect the top speed of the Sailing Yacht A as it can travel at the highest speed of 21 knots, even though it is as long as 468 feet and 6 inches.


Superyacht Yas

The Yas is the last in this list and the 10th largest superyacht measuring 462 feet and 7 inches. The Yas didn't begin with the blueprint of a superyacht. Instead, it was created from the hull of a navy frigate from 1978 which was sold to the United Arab Emirates' navy. It was renamed El Emirat here. Hence, even though it was built in 2013, the Yas is actually about 40 years old. The hull has been rebuilt and modelled with newer material in the Abu Dhabi port. The interior, designed by Paris-based Pierrejean Design Studio, includes a lot of gorgeous glass structures. The Yas can luxuriously accommodate 60 guests and about 56 crew members. The steel hull or the age of the Yas doesn't slow down the fluidity of the yacht and it gives a top speed of 26 knots.

What is the largest yacht in the World

The largest superyacht amongst all is M/Y Azzam built by the titan of the superyacht arena, Germany-based Lurssen Yachts. However, honouring the wishes of the owner of the vessel, rather than flaunting its features, news about Azzam was kept under the table. It was originally launched in 2013. It's sleek exterior was created by Nauta Yacht Design and the posh sophisticated interior design by Christophe Leoni.

Who owns the largest yacht in the World

Worlds largest superyacht in 2019, Azzam was built in 2013 with an overall length of 180m or 591ft and is owned by Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Azzam is 16.5m longer than second place M/Y Eclipse.

Who built the Worlds largest yacht

Motor Yacht Azzam, the Worlds largest yacht in 2019 was built in Bremen shipyard, Germany by renowned superyacht builders Lürssen. Lürssen are know to be amongst the best yacht builders in the World. They have also built the massive 156m (512ft) superyacht Dilbar.