Life On A Superyacht

Monday, October 17, 2016
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What is life like on a Superyacht?

Working as a yacht crew member on a luxurious superyacht has its advantages and disadvantages. With long and endless working hours the yacht life is definitely no picnic. But if you can cope with all the hard work as yacht crew, it all pays off!

What are some advantages working on a yacht?

1. Travel

Superyacht Travel

It’s no secret that superyacht crew get to travel to the most exotic and remote destinations in the world. Picture your perfect oasis, a tropical island, an exclusive resort for the rich and famous, a beautiful busy city, and a quaint village full of rich culture, the list goes on for the day in the life of a yachtie. Yacht crew also get some fantastic views when cruising, berthing or anchoring in some of the most gorgeous and eye-catching locations on earth. Usually you may be lucky enough to get weekends or the odd day off from your regular yacht job to explore the locations you visit.

2. Money

Life on a Superyacht Money

As any superyacht crew agency can tell you, the yachting industry is founded on enormous amounts of wealth, and there is plenty of money to be shown. With substantial base salaries, most expenses paid for, and multiple other perks such as, tips, medical insurance coverage, flights to and from the vessel, etc. you’ll find that you have close to no expenditure on food, drink, accommodation, supplies and clothes (with uniforms provided) or leisure activities for occasional crew outings.

There really is no need to restrict yourself financially, working a superyacht job gives you an amazing opportunity to either save money or spend it on experiences, which allows you to pursue the most valuable thing of all – a full and happy life on a superyacht.

3. Experience

Superyacht life

Working a yacht job allows you to experience a completely different lifestyle. On a normal day, would you ever get an opportunity to mix with celebrities? Some of the most intellectual and influential people on the planet? You will experience lavish dinners, wakeboarding, jet skiing, diving, cultural tours and adventures, shopping or sipping on the best champagne, whatever floats your boat. There is a wide range of things to experience that you normally wouldn’t on some of the most picturesque locations of the earth. You never know the opportunities that may await you if you don't take that step!

4. Your New Family

Yacht Crew

A yacht job is unlike any other career, you’re surrounded by your yacht crew twenty-four hours of the day, seven days a week. They’re your work colleagues, your bunk mates, your friends, and your family away from home. Which more often than not makes for a group of strong, fun, and long-lasting relationships throughout.

To sum it all up with a famous saying, ‘You work hard and play hard’.

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