Packing Essentials For Superyacht Crew

Thursday, November 10, 2016
Packing Essentials For Superyacht Crew - Article Image

Whether you're a seasoned yacht crew member or have only just landed your first superyacht job, you're wondering whether the yacht will be a winter season in the shipyard, snowboarding in the alps or a summer away in the Caribbean sipping on rum laced cocktails. We are never truly 100% sure on where our next adventure will take us on a superyacht. #superyachtproblems

What essentials do I need to pack for my superyacht travel pack?

1. Backpack/Suitcase

You will need something to carry all of your things in. Hard suit cases are not ideal for superyachts as there will be limited storage onboard for yacht crew luggage so unless you want to be sleeping with your new Louis Vuitton hard case I'd suggest something easily collapsible. The North Face Holdalls are a perfect example.

Superyacht Louis Vuitton

Yacht Crew North Face Bag

2. Passports - your new superyacht travel log

You will need somewhere to hold all your visa and stamps, think of it as your new travel log. Be sure to get a 52 page or largest one possible as you will soon use up those pages.

Yacht Job Passport

3. Multiple currencies - because you're never in one place for long!

Stock up on some cash, USD are generally a solid option if you only want to carry one currency. Make sure your credit/bank cards are all in date and you have notified the bank of your travel plans to avoid getting your card cancelled the first time you try to withdraw some cash to pay for your first round of beers in Antibes. 

Superyacht Currency

4. Macbook Pro - 90% of yachties will have the latest model

Now that Apple have released the latest and greatest Macbook with all singing, all dancing new touch bar I'm sure a good amount of yacht crew will have one on order. 

Yacht Crew Macbook Pro

5. iPad

Well, because Apple.

6. iPhone

Facebook, WhatsApp, Pandora, the Internet, oh and Instagram! After all, how else can you get those extra followers? Check us out on Instagram @superyachtcrewagency

7. Apple Watch - because the Macbook, iPad and iPhone is never enough

Set up your yacht cabin with another 3 ways to kill time.

Superyacht Apple Dock

8. Skateboard - for those midday breaks

Almost all yacht crew have a skateboard or enjoy skateboard breaks - traditional skateboard to electric ones, there are so many to pick from!

Superyacht Skateboard

9. Sunnies - to enhance your selfie game

Got to get yourself some sunglasses, protect your eyes and buy a decent pair of polarised ones. Although they are more expensive than the traditional ones, polarised sunnies effectively reduce glare from surfaces such as snow and sea which help while you're on a yacht. So protect an irreplaceable asset and get some for your superyacht travel kit.

Superyacht Sunglasses

10. GoPro - to create some kickass videos

Hiking, surfing, diving, wakeboarding, mountain biking, watching the grand prix or checking out the Cannes film festival. You can take a GoPro anywhere and don't forget it's another pretty cool piece superyacht crew can't seem to live without. Strap it to a selfie stick, attach it to a drone, set it up for those beautiful yacht sunsets or a time lapse of cruising the ocean waves. Either way this is a great way to record all your travel memories. Don't forget to get yourself an external hard drive or some cloud space to store all your new videos and pictures.

Super Yacht Crew GoPro

11. Canon - to bring out the artist in you

So many options out there, but a real good investment. With most of the modern cameras you don't need to be an expert to get some really professional photographs. Why not take up a photography course? Plenty of stuff to be found on Youtube or Google during your time off your yacht job. Sign up for a class somewhere locally, go to photography meetups or do it all from your yacht crew cabin on a learning platform like Udemy

SuperYacht Crew Camera

12. Drone - For those professional looking aerial shots

Aerial photography is becoming more and more of a trend as the latest Drones are a lot easier to fly. They're compact enough so you can add them to your hand luggage and still have space to carry your other items. The cost has reduced quite considerably over the years and it's becoming another essential piece of travel kit for yacht crew worldwide. What do you have in your crew bag? DJI Phantom, Mavic, GoPro Karma?

Super Yacht Drone Best Crew

13. Tripod/Selfie Stick

If you are looking to setup a tripod to get those professional looking still shots of sunsets or the ultimate superyacht crew selfie - someone, somewhere will have one of these if not I'm pretty sure any land you step foot on will sell them. 

Super Yacht Crew Selfie

14. Headphones

I can't stress enough at how useful these can be and a must have on any yachties shopping list. Think of all those long haul flights where you just want to get some rest but have some really loud passengers right in front of you keeping you up or trying to read a book but can't seem to find any peace and quiet. Just turn on the noise cancelling headphones and zone out. I would recommend getting some wireless noise cancelling bluetooth ones, well worth the investment - the QuietComfort 35 Wireless headphones from Bose are a great choice. After all what else are you going to use for your new shiny iPhone 7 and 2016 Macbook Pro?

Yacht Crew Headphones Best

15. Nike Shoes

We all know yacht crew go through ups and downs when it comes to training and keeping fit onboard a superyacht. So get a pair so you can dig out from the dark deep corners of your crew cabin cupboard and dust them off to get that beach body ready for summer season!

Yacht Crew Nike Shoes

Bonus Items

Don't worry, we have left out many of the other crucial items and this list will not be for everyone. After all, it's just a bit of fun and by no means supposed to be a must have list. So please don't go out and buy everything on the list now! Oh wait, you probably already have. For all those greenies starting out this is what yachting is all about - see it, like it, buy it! So if you are new to yachting and don't have thousands of dollars of disposable cash saved up, stick to the basics - Passport, some cash, credit card, toothbrush, board shorts or bikinis, sun cream and sunnies and go get after it! The rest you can buy along the way!

Why not checkout our guide on How To Get a Job on a Superyacht. Should you have any questions or are needing advice in yachting, feel free to drop us an email at