Top 10 Luxury SuperYacht Builders

Sunday, October 27, 2019
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When you’ve spent a life filled with luxury aboard superyachts, there might come a day when you decide to build a superyacht yourself. Most superyacht owners prefer to work alongside yacht builders who understand their personal tastes and translate their vision of a customized superyacht into reality. Here are the top 10 luxury superyacht builders, brought to you by SuperYacht Crew Agency.

Top 10 Luxury Superyacht Builders:

Yacht Builder

1. Feadship, Netherlands

The First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders or Feadship happens to be among the elite group of shipyards around the world that produces custom yachts. They work alongside superyacht owners for ensuring that their unique motor yachts are up to the standards of luxury set by the owners. Feadship is widely considered to rank first on the list of the top yacht companies and superyacht builders in the world. 

Our most favourite Yacht built by yacht manufacturer Feadship is: M/Y Faith

Best Feadship Build

2. Blohm+Voss, Germany

Update: Blohm+Voss is now part of the Lürssen Group as of 2016.

Started in 1877, this company is famous for its production of large sailing and motor yachts. Their Hamburg shipyard happens to be among the best in the world and provides ample space and expertise for the building, maintenance, and renovation of fine luxury superyachts, thanks to the unique facilities provided here by the second best yacht manufacturer of 2019.

M/Y A is our favourite yacht built by this company.

blohm and voss

3. Amels, Netherlands

1982 saw Amels turn into a globally-renowned brand leader and expert in the production of luxurious yachts. It is now acknowledged amongst the top superyacht builders and operates out of Vlissingen, Holland.

Our Favourite Yacht Build: M/Y Volpini 2

Amels Yacht Builder

4. Heesen Yachts, Netherlands

Started in 1978, this company builds and designs luxurious modern superyachts with the latest tech along with a dedicated commitment to innovation and quality. They are known for building top-notch luxury superyachts made out of aluminum.

M/Y Monaco Wolf is our favourite yacht built by Heesen Yachts.

Heesen yachts design

5. Lurssen, Germany

Lurssen was started in 1875 and is a family-run shipyard. This shipyard happens to be among the world’s best luxury yacht builders with an impressive record of having produced over 13000 vessels. It also specializes in developing customized superyachts that range between 60 – 220 meters in length.

Our Favourite Yacht Build: M/Y Dilbar (check out the build video a bit further down, to see a snapshot of the process to manufacture these beasts). 

Lurssen SuperYacht

6. Oceanco, Netherlands

Oceanco specializes in manufacturing custom superyachts that range between 80 to 140 meters in length and have developed a number of famous luxury superyachts that are in service around the world. Oceanco has been regularly featured on the list of the top 10 best superyacht builders in the world due to their unparalleled expertise in developing exquisite superyachts. 

Our Favourite Yacht Build: S/Y Black Pearl 

Oceanco Custom Superyacht

7. Nobiskrug

This mission of this firm is to traverse unchartered territories in superyacht design, thus completely redefining the process of superyacht building. With a steady commitment to bringing their clients nothing but the best, they have developed many iconic yachts like the Mogambo, the Tatoosh (a motor yacht), and even the Sailing Yacht A, which is the biggest privately-owned Sail Yacht that has ever been built, still hard to believe this concept looking superyacht has been delivered, showing exceptional build standards and processes in this Superyacht Shipyard. (Picture given below).

Our Favourite Yacht Build by Yacht manufacturer Nobiskrug: S/Y A 

Sail Yacht A Nobiskrug

8. Fincantieri Yachts, Italy

This firm specializes in the development and building of fully customized luxury megayachts. Fincantieri has an array of projects and concepts for yachts that range between 70 to 1650 meters in length. They have a reputation of being the biggest Western shipyard operating in the entire world due to their vast network of twenty shipyards and history of having built over 7000 vessels. 

M/Y Serene is the top build by this yacht manufacturer. 

Fincantieri Yachts

9. Christensen Yachts, United States

When Dave Christensen did not find a yacht builder who produced yachts worthy of his standards, he decided to build one on his own. His firm is now among the largest superyacht builders with a global presence.

The M/Y Casino Royale is our most favourite yacht built by yacht manufacturer Christensen Yachts.

Our Favourite Yacht Build: M/Y Casino Royale

Christensen Yachts

10. Sunseeker Yachts, UK

This firm manufactures custom luxury yachts and superyachts in glass-reinforced plastic and carbon fibre composite materials. Sunseeker continues to expand rapidly every year. They produce over 150 boats below 50 meters LOA on an annual basis, making the Sunseeker brand and Yacht manufacturer a popular choice amongst new luxury yacht owners.

Our Favourite Yacht Build by UK based yacht manufacturers Sunseeker: M/Y Princess AVK


SuperYacht Dilbar, which is the Worlds Largest Superyacht developed by Yacht Builders  LÜRSSEN YACHTS


It can take more than a few years for a dream superyacht to be turned into a reality. During this process, you will have to find a super Yacht Management company, highly qualified crew, team of architects, and designers for building and operating your fine, luxurious superyacht. 

The Best SuperYacht Builder

Have we missed anyone from this list of the top 10 luxury superyacht builders? Do send us an email for adding your most beloved yacht builder to this list.

Who are the Best Yacht Manufacturers in 2019?

The world’s leading yacht manufacturers at the moment happen to include major luxury superyacht brands such as Lurssen, Amels, and Oceanco. As per yacht crew members worldwide and the Superyacht crew agency, Feadship is the best yacht builder in the world as of now. 

What are the different types of Superyachts?

There are a number of different types of Superyachts: Luxury Superyachts, Mega Yachts, Classic Superyachts, Charter superyachts, expedition or exploration superyachts, multi-hulled superyachts, high performance superyachts and a new trend of the more eco-friendly superyachts coming to the worlds best yacht builders.

Where are the Worlds top Yachts manufactured?


The Worlds most luxurious Yachts in 2019 are built in the shipyards of the Netherlands and Germany by the famous yacht builders Feadship, Blohm+ Voss and Amels who are rated amongst the very top Yacht builders today.

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