Top 10 Superyacht Blogs and Luxury Yacht Influencers

Sunday, April 14, 2019
Top 10 Superyacht Blogs and Luxury Yacht Influencers - Article Image

[Updated April 2019]

Superyacht News

superyacht news

If you like to stay up to date with the latest Business, Technology, Fleet, Owner, Design and Crew News then the superyacht groups digital publication is hard to beat.

 “To become the most intelligent, informed and interactive website in the market.”

They also publish several well-known magazines including the superyacht and crew report.

Our Favorite Post:"Caribbean vibe" shot wins crew photo competition

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Yachting Pages

yachting pages

Yachting Pages Media Group is one of the most well-known Yachting directories in the Industry, if you haven’t come across the hand delivered bag of goodies from YPMG have you ever even stepped foot on a superyacht. Well known for the established well marketed bright pink logo and merchandise its hard to miss this hard working team at any of the Boat Shows.  

Our Favorite Post: How to become a Chief Engineer Y4

How to Become a Chief Engineer on a Superyacht

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Superyacht Times

superyacht times

Part of the Superyacht company the Superyacht times Featuring interviews and unique features with the superyacht industry's most important players, the SuperYacht Times is the only regular publication digging


Our Favorite Post: The 142m Sailing Yacht A and her four custom tenders       

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SuperYacht Crew Agency

Good news. You’re already pretty familiar with the SYCA bog, as you’re reading it right now.

(I don’t want to blow our own trumpet here, so I’ll spare you the cringe worthy comment’s)

For those who haven’t read much of our blog, the focus is to provide crew with useful resources and advice.

Our Favorite Post: How To Get a Job On a Superyacht - The Ultimate Guide 2018 (will be updated shortly)

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Boat international


Our Favorite Post: World champion Kai Lenny on how to become a paddleboard pro

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Onboard Online


onboard online

OnboardOnline is a digital platform at the forefront of issues that matter to the yachting community, often leading with stories that resonate with this audience. They are based in Antibes and launched in 2013.

Our Favorite Post: Wellbeing at Work: Seafarer Happiness Index Results         

10 Ways To Relieve Stress Onboard a Superyacht

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Dockwalk is an online portal for the Superyacht Captains and Crew. Social networking specifically created for Superyacht community

Our Favorite Post: Training to Aid in Disaster Relief

Is Dockwalking Dead?

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Ocean of News

ocean of news

All boating never boring

Our Favorite Post:       

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Yacht Harbour

yacht harbour 

Our Favorite Post: Developing a hurricane response plan for superyachts        

How Yacht Crew Can Help Hurricane Victims

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SuperYacht World

superyacht world

Update: not sure if they are still around, haven’t seen a post since October last year.

Our Favorite Post: Gene Machine crew cycles Atlantic

Superyacht Blogs to Follow in 2019

Not a blog but a good source of information


Savvy Stewardess


The Yacht Owner

Work On A Yacht


Stewardess Bible 

Ya Crew



Yacht Needs 

Let us know if we have missed any of the top Superyacht Blogs and Influencers within the industry.