Unbelieveable Superyacht Guest Questions and Requests

Monday, March 5, 2018
Unbelieveable Superyacht Guest Questions and Requests - Article Image

Have you ever had a request or question asked from superyacht owners or guests which left you baffled? We have spoken to a few superyacht crew in the yachting industry and here are some of our favourite experiences.

Superyacht Guest Requests:

1. Please arrange some prescription diving goggles for my dive tomorrow.

Whist sitting at anchor on a remote island – overnight shipment and seaplane it is then.

Superyacht Diving

2. I'd like the jacuzzi to be filled with fresh lobsters this evening.

You read that right, turn a treated filter jacuzzi into a salt-water fish tank and fill it with 200 lobsters.

Superyacht Jacuzzi

3. Could you arrange tigers and elephants for selfies on the beach?

Superyacht GoPro Selfie

4. I'd like U2 to play this weekend at my daughters 18th birthday.

That’s over $1,000,000 just to think about hiring them, let alone on such short notice.

U2 SuperYacht Band

5. I miss my dog, can you arrange for them to be flown to the Bahamas as soon as possible.

SuperYacht Dog

6. Please setup a cinema on the beach this evening.

Sounds simple enough. Fly in some tech support with high end cinema waterproof projectors, a pop up screen and rent shore side generators to power the equipment. Get some comfy chairs and popcorn and pray the weather doesn’t turn. Oh wait, what would they like to watch?

7. I’d like a French baguette from Cannes.

Said whilst in the Maldives..

8. Champagne deliveries by sea planes

SuperYacht Delivery Seaplane

Superyacht Guest Questions:

1. Can you make sure it doesn’t rain this weekend?

When money is no object it's sometimes hard to accept no as an answer. Superyachts have Pursers, Yacht Agents and Charter Brokers to help deal with the never ending outrageous requests. But how much do the Superyacht owners actually know about the running and day-to-day operation of the vessel?

2. Where do the yacht crew sleep? Onboard?

3. Can we sail to Las Vegas?

4. When the Captain isn't on the bridge, who is driving the superyacht?

Where is my Captain

5. Do you have a non-smoking life raft?

6. Is the sea water all around this island?

SuperYacht Jobs Ibiza

7. Why does my CCTV view of outside always go dark after 8pm?

8. How long is the shore power cable? I need to know if we will have electricity when we sail.

9. How do the superyacht crew breathe if they work below the waterline?

Yacht Crew Cabin

10. Do you have any Louis Vuitton life jackets?

We would love to hear some of your unbelievable guest requests, please send them through to info@syca.co.uk